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the Joker and functional items,1, with narrow leg Haren pants,1, or skirt + Leggings is very tidal. Lee Hyolee ‘s to come! Printing T-shirts,0, hoodies and classic long-sleeved t-shirt skirt,0, it is our street beat Queen’s iconic LOOK,0, but in detail,0, also can reflect the popular trend of this year. For example,0, heat uniform pants,0, and beige cardigan etc..
Serena into the campus of GG are changed into a little woman,0, fashion,4, elegant colors,4, classical atmospheric patterns,0, woman,4, style,0, like S this stitching dress,0, champagne gold and blue collocation,4, noble and elegant,0, the upper body with a knitted vest,0, major suit fashion sense. Blair bratty Princess B continued her elegant line,4, super show temperament of lace series is a good choice,4, especially the repair of lumbar temperament style,4, match below the wave point body skirt,1, elegant temperament is. Chuck Chuck is still a ruffian is gent course,1, suit and tie are necessary,0, this is the dress,1, there is an obvious skull brooch,1, is it right? Represents the next story,0,




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